A Believer’s Growing Feeling of Homesickness!

Our daughter finally came home yesterday after a week at camp.  When we spoke to her on the telephone Saturday her first question was why had we not come to pick her up.  Mommy could sense a growing homesickness and reminded her why there was a day delay.  Daddy and her had a function to attend for work and she was going to spend the night at her aunt and uncle’s house.  This was a temporary fix for later in the evening when we talked with her again, she had tears in her eyes missing Mommy and Daddy.  Nothing could satisfy her until 3 PM on Sunday when she sprang from her aunt and uncle’s car into the arms of her parents.  As she buried her head into my chest and I held her so strongly, she was at peace.  We three vowed the next year at camp we would take her and return her home with us. 

From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.  Psalm 81:3 

I learned so much from her this weekend as another child–a child of God’s.  The more I grow to know him, the more homesick I become.  Stefani loved to spend time with her aunt and uncle but could not be satisfied this time for she wanted her parents.  In the same way, relationships and things do not have the pull on my life they once did as I long for my heavenly home.  When we pray the Lord’s prayer, “Thy kingdom come…”  it has more meaning as I heard our pastor yesterday speak about walking in the back door of his parents’ house, pouring coffee and sitting at the table with his dad.  I desire as the psalmist said, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalms 23:6

As a child riding in the backseat of my parents’ car I would ask, “How long till we get there?” or “How much farther?” Their answer never satisfied me for in an hour I probably asked again much to their chagrin.  With both sons asking the same questions my parents with their frustration level near the top would tell us to “Just wait!” As I grow as a Christian, I know I must wait for God to call me home.  Of course, during times of crisis or despair I have cried out to come home but God has said wait.  I am satisfied to know he is listening but a growing homesickness is still there. I have cried out to God when I see evil persist in the world as ask him how long, and he says wait.  As I held tightly to Stefani yesterday and told her I was glad to see her, I wondered if  one day Jesus will hold me in his arms and say, “I am glad you are home.  I have surely missed you!”  It will make it worth the wait!. 

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