A Friend to the Weird Kid From Florida

As a child I wanted many friends.  I chose to try to be the class clown as the chubby kid so I could make people laugh with me instead of at me.  Much to the displeasure of my teachers I continued trying for my classmates approval counted in the form of laughs.  As I grew up I realized they still had the opportunity to laugh and make fun of me behind my back as I gave them more and more ammunition by my behavior. 

I still needed approval until one day when I found a friend who accepted me for all of my faults, all of my sins, and all of my warts.  He does not judge me nor think I am the weird kid from Florida.  He did not worry my clothes were not the top of the line or if I lived in the better section of Orlando.  He was born to a working class carpenter.  They didn’t have a car nor did his clothes come from the better stores.  Yet, because he was the Son of the Most High God, he was heir of all his heavenly Father had and offered it to me with no strings attached-save one–I make him my friend by faith.

I learned the best way to have a life of ruin is to consider many people my friend.  They will gossip to you and then about you.  Those who we call friends should be willing to keep a trust and a confidence, but they sometimes let things slip to one and then many.  My friend Jesus keeps all things to himself. 

One day I am going to meet my friend face to face.  He will stand beside me when his dad reviews my life.  I will not have to worry about him betraying my past.  He will simply say, “For all of that I died!”  What a friend we have in Jesus. 

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