Another Cupbearer to a King

We see in the Old Testament Nehemiah holds the position of cup bearer to King Artaxerxes, a highly honorable and responsible position.  In the old French a bouteille, was a person with the duty of the tables and the wine cellar, but today we would call him a butler.  In movies and television, the butler is dressed in a waistcoat and tails with a British accent such as Mr. Giles French, the very prim and proper gentleman’s gentleman who cared for Uncle Bill in the 1960’s television show Family Affair.  In dealing with the small and unruly Jody and Buffy, Mr. French never had a hair out of place nor a dirty vest or jacket.  However, Christian service is anything but prim or proper.  We know the image of Jesus kneeling down to the level of the lowest servant to wash the feet of his disciples.  Only hours before, two brothers and their mom approached Jesus to sit on seats of honor and the others got angry because they wanted the high positions too.    

This weekend the Vineyard Church of Wheeling is having ServeFest 2011.  Such activities as giving away popcorn at the Heritage port movie for Friday, giving away water, cleaning and repairing the Children’s Museum and YWCA on Saturday, and giving people a $1 to allow us to wash their cars affords the church the opportunity to model both Christ and infectious Christianity.  Sadly, many servants of Christ in churches across the world need events to practice what should be a daily duty.  It is not a duty of obligation but a duty of appreciation as Jesus took on the image of a servant instead of the Son of God to both serve as our payment and our pattern for eternal life.

As Christians we have been given a royal commission to serve God.  In serving others we will have to leave the lofty seats and get down to serve.  We might then get to see things as Christ did: the chance to serve instead of being served. 

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