Baseball–Faith in Outfiled

Baseball is an American sport which embraces competition, fair play, and great hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.  People watch it from their homes or along the baselines at their favorite park.  My favorite is Fenway Park with its big green monster, and located in the middle of Boston.  I have been there twice and love the sounds, sights, and smells of the park.  When we think of baseball we are transported back to a kinder and gentler time.  James Earl Jones playing the role of Terrance Mann in Field of Dreams reflects upon the impact baseball has had on this nation.  Baseball and America go hand in hand. 

“Harry Bartholomew Hooper (August 24, 1887 – December 18, 1974), Hooper prided himself on being a college man of high ideals during an era when most ballplayers weren’t.. Extremely popular with teammates, fans, and even opponents, he was the right fielder in the fabled “Million Dollar Outfield” with Tris Speaker and Duffy Lewis. His strong, accurate arm accounted for 150 of the trio’s 455 assists. Hooper never led the American League in any of the important offensive categories, but he did compile a valuable .403 on-base average as the Red Sox leadoff hitter from 1909 to 1920.The strongly religious Hooper was reputed to have prayed for a Boston victory in the final game of the 1912 Series and to have attributed to divine intervention his bare-handed, game-saving catch off Larry Doyle which prevented victory by the Giants.”
Today we see professional athletes charged with lying to Congress, multiple affairs with groupies, taking drugs, and trying to avoid being identified as a role model for the youth of America.  It is a shame players do not want to model themselves after people like Harry Hooper. While we see government trying to sterilize Christianity from the national discourse, we can take comfort in knowing no matter what the world tries to do to remove Jesus, there are people who will give credit to the Lord. 

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