Candy Bar Theology

When I was a child candy bars generally focused upon the Herschey and Mars brands.  There were simple chocolate bars, chocolate bars with nuts, chocolate bars with nugget, and chocolate bars with rice krisps.  The general idea though was CHOCOLATE!  In fact I toured the Herschey plant once.  OH! so near all of that chocolate made my head spin. 

When I was a kid, I would mow lawns for $2 a yard (that was a long time ago) and would take my hard earned loot and ride my bike as quickly as I could to the Little General store.  This was the pre-7-11 days and this small store had my favorite candy–Hershey’s with almonds.

Theology is much like a candy bar.  The sweetness can only be reached by removing the packaging and getting to those smooth and delicious morsels.  We have to get beyond our pre-conceived ideas of God and the denominational views of church and read the wonderful love letter God has sent us.  The first part of theology is “theos” or God in the Greek.  He is the sweet and wonderful part of theology. 

What happens to chocolate if it sits on the shelf too long?  The oil in chocolate separates and you see a white residue.  The chocolate can even become grainy.  Then like chocolate, you cannot leave God on a shelf (or on the coffee table to gather dust) but must consume Him daily.  “Taste the Lord as see He is good” is a reminder he must be ingested. 

My mom knew I had gone the store because strangely I had a chocolate residue around my mouth which gave it away.  When we do Chocolate Bar Theology, is there a residue around you which others can see?

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