Do You Love Enough To Say No?

In the late forties a book was released which causes a stir in child development.  This book pushed a less rigid style of parenting and gained the author world wide acclaim.  Dr. Benjamin Spock’s book has sold over fifty million copies in seven printings and has been translated into thirty nine languages making it as some say second only to the Bible.  “Spock insisted mothers could trust their own judgment. He succeeded in establishing a more sympathetic, child-centered approach, and in the process he became a national phenomenon.” However, later in Dr. Spock’s life he altered his approach stating children needed standards.   (

The God of the Bible is always willing to say no to those whom he has created and though Dr. Spock believed parents were due respect, saying no requires a willingness not to be respected, admired or loved.  In the creation account God tells Adam not to eat of the tree.  Rebellion occurred and man sinned.  God’s statement of having no other gods pits man’s desires against what God knows is best.   The god named, MORE tells man, “With MORE, you will be happy!”  The god MORE tells man, “With MORE you will be content!”  The god MORE says, “With MORE you will respected.!”  The god MORE is permissive and permits its adherents to worship at his altar but this worship leads to MORE’s anxiety and loss of stamina.  The God of the Bible says worship me and man gets peace and rest.  The god MORE never says NO because MORE wants more. 

The God of the Bible says no from a heart of love and his decisions are based not on a feeling of love but the character of Love.  This kind of love seeks the best for others while MORE just seeks for itself.  God tells us not to envy the possessions of others and to be content with what he gives us.  In love he offers us the opportunity not to struggle in having MORE, because it leads to unhappiness.  MORE requires his followers to defend having MORE but God defends us. 

Dr. Spock’s life never achieved the type of parent he portrayed.  The results never measured up to his desires possibly because he did not include the heart of sin which God knows is evil.  God is willing to say NO to us because he has already said YES.  “No, you will not see destruction because you have said YES to my Son!”  He knows what is the best for us even if he has to say NO!

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