How To Have Mountain Top Experiences

In Cass, West Virginia people can find themselves going back into time by about 100 years to the logging heyday of West Virginia. The use of shay engines, which were different from other steam locomotives, allowed logging trains to go up and down the steep 4,770 foot steep Bald Knob.  The virgin timber on this mountain made West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company owner, Joseph Kerr Cass a wealthy man.  Mountains can be a challenge because of rugged terrain and steep inclines requiring time and toil to ascend.(Videos are of the Cass Railroad)

Believers speak of mountaintop experiences with God like those of his Son, Jesus who sought out these places for prayer and solitude with his Father.  What we forget is there were no roads to the tops of the mountains and Mount Tabor (1,886 feet) and Mount Hermon (2,814 feet) are just two identified mountains Jesus climbed. When I was going on a mission trip it was suggested to me to go and pray in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  The drive was easy but the spiritual pressure was great as a deep sadness crept in until I said to Satan he would not keep me from praying.  Immediately the pressure lifted like the rain clouds covering the 2,461 foot mountain and soon found myself overlooking the valley below. 

In desiring a mountaintop experience, try using the acrostic CLIMB to make your journey and time with God spiritually enriching. 

Consider climbing mountains is a task which requires a commitment and not just a mere whim. If the goal is to meet with God you must purpose in your heart that the result will be worth the effort. 

Locate your place of worship and prayer and make it a special place reserved for just you and God.  Mine is Petit’s Gap and when I took my wife Vicki to Virginia, we made a stop at Thunder Ridge to pray. 

Isolate yourself from anyone and anything which could get in the way of your time. Phone, electronics, children are just a few of the things which would detract from your alone time with him.

Meditate on the Word of God.  When I went to prepare for my mission trip, I prayed Psalm 51, asking for forgiveness of my sins and the opportunity to teach others.

Believe God wants to speak to you and be willing to listen for his voice.  Jesus says his sheep will know his voice. 

Mountains with snow, trees, and animals make nice pictures for postcards or photo albums as well as good places for prayer.  Getting there can be difficult but the results will be spectacular. 

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