Praying Like the McDonald’s Drive Thru

My mom would make oatmeal for us on those cold Orlando, FL mornings.  Brown sugar and milk and oatmeal and toast would see me through the first part of the day.  Today, on the run, I pick up oatmeal at McDonalds.  Oatmeal and fruit with a touch of brown sugar warms me up for cold mornings in Pennsylvania.  I make my order and drive around to one window to give them money and then to the next window to get my food and on my way.

Our prayer life can be the same way.  We think of God as a great celestial order taker with our prayer requests.  We give a little money to the church or do some kind of service and expect the answer of our wants fulfilled and then on our way. 

God deserves more respect and appreciation than a clown.  He is not a blank voice behind a screen asking what we want.  He already knows our needs.  No, God is the Creator of heaven and earth and we need to accept his plans for us.  They may not be what we want, but it is for our best. 

Oatmeal may be good for the body but prayer is good for not only the body, but also the mind and spirit.  He is not the order taker.  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication–none of these belong to the clown.

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