Protecting the Declaration of Independence

If you saw the movie, National Treasure, you might remember the difficulty they faced in stealing the Declaration of Independence.  The recent renovation of the DOI also updated the security of the document.  It can be seen daily and then stored in secured vaults at night time.  Like the movie, if someone was able to steal the DOI, they would forever be sought by local, state, and federal authorities because the value of the Declaration far exceeds any monetary amount.  The DOI divided this country for the crown of England based on rights we believed came not from government, but from the Creator.  We established a new government to protect these rights and faced with the belief that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness came from God, Americans today can protect the ideals of the Declaration of Independence in three distinct ways. 

Protecting the ideal of LIFE.  Life is more than the physical nature of man but what he believes gives him this life.  As a believer, I believe it is God and therefore I have a right to live my life for him.  As a baptist I love our statement of belief which allows each person to interpret Scriptures individually apart from an established church and also the right not to have a faith.  However, if someone believes it is something else, I have no right to deprive him of his right unless it prevents me from living mine.  We then have a courts system to protect the rights of individuals to ensure each American can continue to have life.

Protecting the ideal of LIBERTY.  Liberty is opposite of oppression.  A nation left the rule of a king so they could be free.  Liberty is for all who come to our country legally because our nation was created by immigrants seeking these ideals  Because we are a unique nation, classes on citizenship, civics, and our national language do not deprive immigrants of this liberty, it informs them of our history, rights, and beliefs.  If they do not understand the ideals of the Declaration and the freedoms it offers, how can they truly be free?

Protecting the ideal of PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  If happiness would simply be a state of frivolity then the DOI would be a cheap piece of parchment.  A government is established so man can pursue what makes him happy.  Religion, family, prosperity, social discourse, a free press, and many more provide man that which each seeks: peace.  A national government establishes a military to protect these ideals.  A strong defense brings peace and not political words.  We fought for these and have continued to fight to protect them. 

You can also protect them by becoming an active band of citizens in the political affairs of our country.  If someone does not stand for your ideals, then use discourse and the vote to ensure you can retain these God given rights.  One of the themes from one of the early colonies stated: “Live Free or Die.”  Many died so we can live free and let us live that freedom.  Happy Fourth of July all and watch the video of the reading of the Declaration of Independence. 

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