Showmen or Statesmen? What does this County Need?

A quote often attributed to P.T. Barnum is “There is a sucker born every minute.”  Barnum had the American Museum and because of its popularity, people would not leave and so new paying customers could not come inside.  That was until Barnum opened a new exhibit with the sign, “This way to the egress.”  Crowds would walk in that direction until they were outside and with the door locking them out would have to pay again to go back inside the American Museum.

In today’s political environment, Barnum would have been proud.  No matter which side of the political spectrum we are on, we both have “showmen” in government.  They speak to the reporters, television, print or electronic sources and the people of American will follow blindly.  Eventually if we are not careful, we might find ourselves on the outside of the American Museum wondering what happened.

Truth can only be found in Christ.  He is the Truth.  He is not a truth, but The Truth.  The Greek usage of ego ami removes any doubt by adding emphasis or exclusivity to the statement.  World religions will give the term “good teacher” to Jesus, but he neither declared himself good or teacher.  Those who followed him called him Rabbi, and he did not defer them.  Of course all the way to the cross they never fully understood Peter’s statement, “You are the Christ!” 

Politicians will say what we want to hear.  Even a child will tell their moms or dads what they want them to hear and lie behind their backs–even with a smile.  It is about time our political showmen and women become leaders.  I would rather listen to the reality of something than a fabrication meant to make me feel safe and sound. 

Truth can only be seen in Christ, and the rest–you can follow the showmen to the egress. 

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