Walking with Jesus Christ

This weekend our team at SouthernCare is walking in the Relay For Life against cancer.  We are taking turns over the next twenty-four hours to walk around after asking people to donate money toward this worthy and noble cause.  Within our family we have lost several people to cancer.  This morning Vicki and I went to help set up our tent with the theme, “Freedom from Cancer.”  We will wear patriotic red, white, and blue and have decorated our tent with American flags and bunting. 

Walkers will take the track at 10:30 today and walk for two days.  Most will walk side by side with friends, family, and co-workers and talk and laugh as each step brings us closer to the end of the event.  Vicki and I will get there tomorrow at 7 AM and walk for three hours and then finish, pack up the tent and tables and go home.  The walk-a-thon will be over for another year.   

The walk of a Christian never ends.  Jesus tells us to follow him.  I am sure tonight there will be huge flood lights to light up the way so we do not stumble.  The picture in the Bible of God’s Word as a lamp and light is much smaller and equally less  bright.  The Word of God gives enough light to take a step at a time and faith in God is there to keep us moving.  I do not think we are told to follow Jesus by walking beside him, but to follow in his footsteps.  Let me give you a picture why.

A father and son go hunting into the woods after a moderate snowfall.  A man can walk through it but a small boy will struggle against the drifted snow.  As he walks with his father he decides to step into his dad’s footsteps and finds the trek easier.  Also, the dad knows his son can not keep up the pace and shortens his stride and again the boy finds it easier.  A wise father helps his child to complete the journey.

If we walk in the strides of Jesus, in his footsteps, we find the walk of a Christian easier than when we go our own way.  Jesus has laid out the path  to follow and we have the Word of God for illumination to continue is the process. 

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