What Are You Listening To?

I wake up each morning with radio station, WUKL FM 105.5, listening to the music I grew up with in Orlando, Florida with WLOF.  I enjoy the morning hosts, Johnny and Marjie, their banter and humor which often puts a smile on my face as I drive to work in Pennsylvania.  I listen as long as the signal is strong enough to hear, but finally, they are out of range.  They are also sandwiched between two other stations whose music I really do not enjoy and I will slowly dial the tuner on my bedroom clock-radio to get a clear signal and fall asleep with my favorite oldies.

Recently another pastor friend of mine experienced a wind storm which knocked over a large tree nealy damaging their car and home and was thankful to God for his mercy as the wind took the tree in another direction.  I reminded her on Facebook of the story from the Bible of the prophet who in the midst of troubles was searching for God.  Elijah told God he had done some great things for him but in the midst of doing something for God, the people rejected and tried to kill him. He was in the middle of a pity party when God tells him to go to the entryway of the cave for He is about to pass by.  Along comes a great storm, earthquake, and fire but it was not until he heard a soft whisper did he realize the presence of God. 

I know the voices of Johnny and Margie and while I had a vision of Johnny in my mind, the first time I met him it was not the same.  His energy and excitement on the radio gave me one impression, but when I met him at Oglebay Resort, it was not the same.  However, while I have never seen Jesus Christ, he says his sheep know his voice and one day when I am called home, I will not only obey his call, but I  believe I will do the same thing Mary did on the Easter morning.  She fell down at his feet and cried, “Rabboni!”.  So how do we know we have seen the presence of God.  He will not be in the storm or the earthquake, but perhaps in the smile of a child awaken by her dad as he leaves for work and says, “I love you!”  You might see the power of God in the singing voices of four daughters at their Godly mother’s funeral.  The Bible says we can see the attributes of God in the creation in which we live.  He loves to talk to his children if we just listen. I love the music of my era and have Kool FM 105 on my presets in my car.  I get jump started by Johnny and Marjie each morning, but it is Jesus who keeps me going through the day. 

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