What Time Is It?

I have a total of three watches in my jewelry box.  Two are Elgin wristwatches and the other is a pocket watch I once carried in a vest pocket of a suit.  They are for the basic function of telling me what time it is during the day or night.  They are not for style nor to impress others with my bling.  If I wanted and could afford it, there is a watch with over 200 carats of diamonds available for $25 million dollars. 

Time is something we control or it controls us.  I get up by an alarm clock at 5 AM and try to get to bed by 10 PM.  I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner by a schedule based on time.  I arrive and depart work by a schedule of time.  I go to church by a schedule of time and depending on the length of service, I leave by a specific time.  I have even been told when I pastored churches to be finished by 12 Noon because a lady had a roast in the over for Sunday dinner. 

God created the lights in the sky for man to know the seasons for planting and harvesting as well as sacred times of worship and festivals.  Why is it then we find ourselves slave to the clock.  It has no power in itself.  It functions by a set of gears run by a battery.  It does not speak but it tells us the time we are to be somewhere.  As a man I can not count the number of times I had my agenda set for a departure and my wife had a totally different time in mind.  I actually had us meet someone fifteen minutes earlier than the other couple was to arrive just so I could be there on time.  It was not a happy time in the van after I explained the situation to Vicki while we waited for the Whites.  I will NEVER do that again!

According to Psalm 62:8 we are to “Trust in him at all times, you people: pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge.”   We do not have a timepiece which tells us when to worship God.  Some do so only on Sundays.  Others do it twice a year–Christmas and Easter.  Others have found the secret of worshipping and trusting in God twenty-four hours in a day.  Worship means worthship and we give things in our life time as we see fit.  We give our employers forty hours plus because we value the income or the job.  We value hours before the television watching a show or sporting event giving it a value of time.  We give time to our spouses and children, hobbies, and friends.  We show how much we appreciate them by the giving of time. 

Do we show God our appreciation by giving him TIME?  Popcorn prayers and Sunday morning service is really not enough.  If we were to tithe the time in a 168 hour week, that would be 16.8 hours.  I wonder if we are anywhere near that amount of time?

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